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Photo Frame Gallery



Frame, 32GB usb drive, shipping.

Up to 250 photos and/or videos added to frame.

For the highest quality viewing experience, each photo will be evaluated for adjustment in exposure, color, contrast, and cropping.



$1ea for addtional photos/videos.

$5 ea for photos that need to be scanned.

 $65 /hr for restorations (softening facial lines, removing stray objects or people, severe color or exposure issues, glare on glasses, spots, cracks, tears, etc.

$700 min frame package if restorations are requested up front

Pay now and i will be in touch with you to start the process. If you prefer to not use PayPal, then Contact Me and i will email you an invoice payable by credit or debit card online, or for any other questions you may have.

Thank You!


Digital frame plugs in for power supply. Automatically changes photos. Has a motion sensor to turn on & off when someone enters the room. Will scroll through/play thousands of pictures & videos...up to 32GB. Can be hung on wall or stand on a table/desk.

Click picture to enlarge

Click picture to enlarge


Restorations Examples

Fixed spots & marks. Corrected overall yellow oxidation discoloration...

Corrected yellow oxidation discoloration. Adjusted exposure. Fixed white strip on left edge of photo. removed few spots. Added faux mat for printing & framing...

Removed white & black spots, cracks, and stains. Fixed torn corner...

Removed white spots and cracks, faded areas. Adjusted overall exposure...

Removed white scuff marks, faded areas. Blurred background to put the focus more on the person. Added faux mat for printing & framing...

Dark shadows on faces removed. Lines on skin softened. Sagging belt fixed. Adjusted overall exposure. Cropped out excess parts of photo. Added faux mat to corrected photo for printing & framing...

Person removed...

Dark shadows on faces removed. Lines on skin softened. Hole in teeshirt collar fixed. Glare on glasses rim removed. Adjusted overall exposure...

Dark shadows in cab & man removed.  Adjusted overall exposure....

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